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This class teaches the art, science, and technology necessary to collect useful behavioral data online for psychology, marketing, and computer science. It is composed of 13 video lectures, readings, and a variety of technical tutorials. Anyone can use these materials if they find them useful, but please reference this site.

Spring 2014 syllabus Class git repo Class wiki: Ask questions here


  1. General introduction/organization
  2. Online data: A revolution for behavioral science? Or perhaps a curse?
  3. Views from the other side of a request online
  4. Starting simple: Using built-in Amazon tools, Google Forms, or Qualtrics. Basic HTML/CSS/JS.
  5. Drawing things to the browser window, manipulating DOM
  6. Open source software, git, and how to teach yourself stuff
  7. Introduction to psiTurk (download, install, discuss features)
  8. Introduction to the psiTurk command line, run example experiment
  9. Debugging and developing using psiTurk
  10. Deploying using psiTurk, using advanced database solutions
  11. Getting your data out of database for analysis
  12. Designing for quality data
  13. Advanced topics - running experiments over multiple days/sessions, group experiments